Root Canal Therapy (Endodontic) in Palm Harbor, FL

Patients that experience significant and/or persistent oral pain may be suffering from a tooth with extensive inflammation or infection at the root level. Unfortunately, such pain and damage will not lessen or improve on its own, and the situation can become unbearable with delayed treatment.

Root canal therapy in Palm Harbor, FL, is an advanced restorative dental procedure designed to:

  • Alleviate severe tooth pain due to root inflammation or infection
  • Preserve the tooth from being lost or extracted
  • Protect the restored tooth from further damage

Root Canal Therapy

During a root canal, our emergency dentist near you will professionally remove the pulp inside the damaged tooth. This allows our dentist to clean, disinfect, and shape the root canals. These procedures restore the tooth roots and the tooth itself to health.

Once the root canal is complete, the tooth is vulnerable. Therefore, for protection, it is generally sealed with a dental crown. Overall, root canal therapy near you effectively restores the health and function of your tooth while preventing dental extraction and further decay or damage.

Tooth Preservation

When it comes to saving or professionally removing a tooth, especially a permanent one, preservation is a better course of action than a dental extraction. This is so patients don’t lose any oral functions and to maintain the health and position of other teeth. With extraction comes a tooth gap, and that means that other teeth in the mouth may shift to fill the space. As a result, patients may need restorative dental procedures, such as dental bridges or partial dentures, in addition to the extraction.

Our dentist in Palm Harbor, FL, provides root canal therapy near you as a method of tooth preservation. The problems that create the need for a root canal do not resolve without treatment. In addition, ignoring or postponing root canal therapy with our dentist actually increases the risk of further damage to your oral health as well as your chances for dental extraction.

If you are experiencing symptoms of oral pain, discomfort, or sensitivity, don’t wait to get an examination. Contact Palm Harbor Smiles dental office for information about root canal therapy in Palm Harbor, FL, as well as other restorative procedures.

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