Partials and Full Dentures in Palm Harbor, FL

When most people think of dentures, they generally picture an older individual with a set of false teeth that can be removed and soaked in a glass. However, the need for dentures is not exclusive to the aged. Dentures are designed to replace numerous missing teeth as well as surrounding gum tissue in people who have experienced advanced periodontal disease or even medical conditions such as acid reflux.

Full dentures are intended for people who are missing all their teeth, either in the upper or lower jaw or both. Partials are designed for people who still have some of their original teeth intact. If you have suffered significant tooth loss, partials, and full dentures in Palm Harbor, FL, maybe the solution. Palm Harbor Smiles offers consultations for dentures with our emergency dentist near you.

Full Dentures

Though it sounds extreme, there are conditions that result in the full loss of permanent teeth. In this case, full or complete dentures can restore the person’s jawline shape and the ability for normal oral functions. These functions may include:

  • Biting
  • Chewing
  • Speaking
  • Smiling

If you have experienced loss of all your upper and/or lower natural teeth, our dentist will guide you through the restorative process of full dentures. Full denture replacement can have a positive, life-altering impact for those with complete loss of permanent teeth.


Partial dentures are designed to restore oral health and functioning for those who have lost a significant number of permanent teeth but with some remaining intact. Our dentist in Palm Harbor, FL, will craft a set of teeth attached to a plastic base that resembles gum tissue. This removable set of teeth replaces those that are lost without affecting the original teeth still in place.

Our dentist will ensure that these replacement teeth function and appear as natural teeth would. Partial dentures are similar to dental bridges as they fill gaps created by missing teeth. However, their internal attachment design is different, and partials are intended to replace more than just a few missing permanent teeth.

Partials and full dentures near you can restore your oral health and sense of well-being. If you have suffered partial or full tooth loss, contact Palm Harbor Smiles dental office about restorative dental treatment. New patients are welcome.

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