Dental Fillings in Palm Harbor, FL

Tooth fillings have been used to treat mild and moderate cavities for many years. Fillings restore lost tooth structure and reinforce a tooth so that it can continue to withstand chewing forces. Palm Harbor Smiles offers a variety of tooth fillings in Palm Harbor, FL, specially selected to meet your needs and preferences. Tooth fillings can save your tooth and help you avoid extensive treatments down the road.

Tooth fillings can be used on both primary and permanent teeth.

Types of Fillings

Palm Harbor Smiles offers different dental fillings near you, including:

  • Silver or metal amalgam fillings. These are made of mercury combined with zinc, copper, and tin. Silver amalgam fillings have been in existence for decades and are durable and cost-effective. However, since they’re dark-colored, they offer poor aesthetics and can cause discoloration.
  • Gold fillings. Gold fillings are incredibly durable and can withstand chewing forces. Some patients prefer the aesthetics of gold fillings. On the downside, gold fillings are costlier than silver amalgam fillings.
  • Tooth-colored composite fillings. These fillings are selected to match the natural shade or color of your smile. Composite fillings are chemically bonded to the teeth, providing additional reinforcement to the tooth. Tooth-colored fillings are also highly versatile and can fix various dental problems besides decay.

Our dentist in Palm Harbor, FL may also recommend glass ionomer fillings. Glass ionomer fillings release fluoride and are commonly used in young children or fillings below the gum line.

What to Expect

Our emergency dentist begins the treatment process by administering local anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding areas. In some cases, the patient may receive a sedative to help them relax.

Our dentist near you then uses a dental drill or laser to remove all decayed portions of the tooth. Next, the dentist carefully cleans and disinfects the tooth to eliminate harmful bacteria and all traces of infection. Finally, the dentist restores your tooth using your preferred material.

In cases of larger cavities, indirect fillings that are manufactured in a dental lab may be used. Indirect fillings otherwise referred to as inlays and onlays, are made from a composite resin and are preferred for cavities that are too large for direct fillings but not large enough for crowns.

To find out if you require dental fillings, contact Palm Harbor Smiles dental office near you today to book a consultation with our dentist.

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