Why Invisalign Is a Great Option for Teeth Alignment?

Why Invisalign Is a Great Option for Teeth Alignment?

February 1, 2023

Misaligned teeth impact your smile and make you prone to dental infections like tooth decay and periodontal disease. The conditions stem from the misaligned teeth because you find it challenging to eliminate food particles and plaque remaining trapped on and around them. The infections make you frequent dentists for treatment and wonder how to overcome the condition affecting you.

Isn’t it a harsh reality that you don’t know about orthodontic treatments that help correct teeth misalignments? Things become even more compounded if you haven’t heard about Invisalign, a revolution in orthodontic treatment that has done away with the need for metal brackets and wires on your teeth but requires you to wear a series of clear plastic braces remaining indistinguishable over your teeth as you proceed with your treatment to align them. Therefore we recommend you research Invisalign near you today to overcome the dental problem you confront to have aligned teeth without infections in your mouth.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an alternative to conventional orthodontics, helping you align misaligned teeth without wearing metal brackets, wires, and bands on your teeth for three years or more, depending on the complexity of your situation. Invisalign revolutionized orthodontic treatments in the late 90s when they introduced clear plastic aligners fitting snugly over your teeth to correct mild to moderate misalignments with teeth.

If you desire aligned teeth without the dental infections haunting you, you must schedule an appointment with the dentist in Palm Harbor for an assessment to discuss whether you are eligible for treatment with the Invisalign system. During your consultation, the dentist assesses your teeth and mouth and allows you to discuss your smile goals with them. If eligible, the dentist captures images of your teeth and mouth with an intraoral camera for the manufacturers of Invisalign to custom-create your aligners.

Invisalign creates a series of aligners for the duration of your treatment after the palm Harbor dentist forwards images of your teeth to them after ascertaining the complexity of your orthodontic imperfection. It helps if you understand you receive Invisalign in Palm Harbor, FL, if you have mild to moderate misalignments with your teeth. The manufacturers provide the aligners for wearing over your teeth approximately three weeks after your assessment. However, if you have a complicated orthodontic condition, the Palm Harbor dentist suggests you visit an orthodontist for treatment with traditional braces.

How Does Invisalign Work?

After Invisalign aligners are delivered, the Palm Harbor Dentist suggests you start wearing them on your teeth for 22 hours daily, removing them only when eating and cleaning your teeth. Invisalign aligners function by gradually pressurizing your teeth to shift them into the appropriate positions incrementally in approximately six to 18 months, depending on your situation’s complexity.

If you have mild misalignments with your teeth, you can achieve your goal of having aligned teeth within six months so long as you wear the braces over your teeth for a minimum of 22 hours daily and replace them every fortnight as recommended by the dentist. Unfortunately, if you have moderate misalignments, you will require more time and must continue wearing the braces for at least 18 months.

If you remain stringent with the dentist’s instructions, you will find your teeth moving into alignment within the stipulated time to acquire freedom from dental infections and the challenges you confronted cleaning your teeth earlier. Invisalign doesn’t require you to visit orthodontists for monthly adjustments of the wires or brackets because none exist. However, you must visit the Palm harbor dentist every six to eight weeks to determine how you are progressing and to collect your new batch of aligners.

After aligning your teeth using the Invisalign system, the dentist suggests you wear Invisalign retainers indefinitely until they recommend you don’t need them anymore. The retainers help hold your teeth in their new positions, preventing them from drifting back and helping you keep your newly acquired smile. If you have worked hard with Invisalign braces, you must ensure you don’t allow your teeth to drift back by using the retainers suggested. Neglecting the dentist’s advice can leave you with misaligned teeth within a week of completing your treatment with the Invisalign system.

Re-shifting of teeth after orthodontic treatment is standard with any therapy you receive, whether traditional or Invisalign. You benefit from the Invisalign system because you receive retainers created from the same clear plastic used for manufacturing your invisible braces. Therefore if you want to hold your teeth in their new positions, you must ensure you wear the retainers after completing treatment with the Invisalign system for teeth alignment

Palm Harbor Smiles provides the Invisalign system to align teeth in the palm Harbor region. Consult the practice to determine the complexity of the misalignment with your teeth and get Invisalign to align them if eligible for the treatment.

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