Overcoming the Stigma of Wearing Dentures: a Comprehensive Guide

Overcoming the Stigma of Wearing Dentures: a Comprehensive Guide

June 1, 2023

What happens when you lose a couple of teeth or all your teeth in an arch and begin displaying a toothless grin? You consider various options to replace your missing teeth making inquiries with the dentist near you on the best options you can use to hide the stigma of missing teeth.

When you consider missing teeth replacements, dentists have multiple options to provide depending on how many teeth you want to have replaced. For example, you can substitute a couple of teeth or an entire arch using partials and full dentures near you, dental implants, et cetera. However, dental implants require surgery, an upfront investment in the missing teeth, and plenty of healing time before getting artificial teeth.

If you are unwilling to endure the intensive procedure with dental implants or the waiting time, the dentist suggests partials and full dentures in Pearl Harbor as a suitable option because you can get the replacement teeth faster than with implants without considerable investment or surgery.

After deciding on dentures to replace your missing teeth, you may think about the challenges you might encounter with these prosthetics and wonder how you can overcome the stigma of wearing dentures.

Understanding the Stigma of Wearing Dentures

When understanding the stigma of wearing dentures, it helps to realize where it emanates from. Dentures have been around as replacement solutions for missing teeth for quite some time, serving people’s needs by providing them with dental prosthetics to cover gaps between their teeth or all their teeth. However, people complaining about dentures stigma generally receive prosthetics from inexperienced professionals and do not use the replacement teeth as recommended. In addition, they may also neglect to reline the dentures or care for them inappropriately and complain about various problems dentures cause.

Dentures can cause some discomfort initially because they are alien appliances in your mouth and require getting accustomed to them before you feel comfortable. In addition, you must ensure you get the replacement teeth from an experienced provider offering proper instructions on how to deal with dentures after getting them in your mouth to replace your missing teeth. Therefore if you realize you will confront challenges when wearing your new dentures and have information from the provider on how to overcome them, you will understand there is no stigma attached to wearing dentures and the complaints are merely from dissatisfied customers unhappy with their prosthetics or who received improperly fitting replacements without instructions on caring for them.

Breaking down the Stigma: Tips for Feeling Confident with Dentures

When you replace teeth with full or partial dentures, you will likely experience discomfort initially, as mentioned earlier. However, if you receive dental prosthetics from an experienced provider like the dentist in Palm Harbor, you can comfortably overcome the challenges of feeling confident with your dentures in a few days. To help you manage your new dentures, we offer suggestions to make your life comfortable.

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Feel Your Best

  1. Choose the Right Dentist: when choosing to replace missing teeth with dentures, implants, or alternatives, you must seek assistance from a dental professional with experience who understands every dental prosthetic and its benefits or downsides to offer you appropriate advice on how to manage with the artificial teeth after getting them in your mouth. Unfortunately, replacement teeth are not the most affordable, and investing in prosthetics with inexperienced dentists only results in trouble instead of the comfort you desire. Therefore you are responsible for selecting the right dentist for the replacement teeth without considering minor price variations you might notice from other professionals.
  2. Practice Speaking: When you replace missing teeth with dentures, you will initially confront challenges with speaking, feeling you are talking with a lisp. It doesn’t mean you must stop speaking, but you must practice speaking by reading aloud to ensure your speech returns to normal as soon as possible.
  3. Consider Implant Supported Dentures: If you want to replace an entire arch of teeth in a jaw and are concerned about removable dentures, you can consider implant-supported dentures requiring surgery and recovery but giving you replacement teeth immediately after the dentist places four or six dental implants in your jaw to support a denture anchored by implants. The procedure is not intensive, like getting individual implants, and allows you to have replacement teeth on the same day of your surgery.
  4. Focus on the Benefits: Missing teeth cause multiple problems, like affecting your eating, speaking, facial aesthetics, and your overall health. However, when you replace your teeth with full or partial dentures depending on your unique situation, they help you overcome most challenges because they allow you to smile without raising your palms, eat your favorite foods without trying to avoid them, and help you gain control over your general health and preventing infections in your mouth from the edentulous sockets. Therefore, it helps to focus on dentures’ benefits instead of remaining concerned about their downsides.
  5. Join a Support Group: if you find it challenging to manage your dentures, you can consider joining a support group suggested by Dr. Cecilia Sorrelle to receive the help you need to cope with your replacement teeth. In addition, the support group can help overcome the stigma of wearing dentures and make you feel proud you have replaced your missing teeth with a reliable solution.

If you think wearing dentures is challenging, will you consider living without your natural teeth after losing them? Instead, visit Palm Harbor Smiles to replace your missing teeth with dentures and receive help to overcome the stigma of wearing them from professionals to lead a healthy life.

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