Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

December 1, 2022

Root canal treatment is not painful as it seems. During the procedure, the dentist near you will usually use anesthesia to numb the infected region of your mouth. While cleaning the infected tooth pulp, you will feel slight pressure, but there will be no pain.

After the treatment, your root canal will usually feel slightly sore. It leads to mild discomfort for a few days. A root canal will usually take 30-90 minutes to complete. Root Canal Therapy In Palm Harbor saves the tooth that might otherwise require complete removal.

What Are the Different Stages of Root Canal?

Let’s check out the diverse root canal stages:

Stage1: Diagnosis of Infected Tooth Pulp

To diagnose the infected pulp, the dental professional will check your teeth deeply. For this, he/she may use X-ray technology to determine the severity of decay and tooth inflammation. Sometimes, the professional may also perform a tooth sensitivity test to determine if the patient feels pain or other discomforts while consuming extremely hot, cold, or sweet foods and beverages.

When the endodontist near you confirms you need root canal therapy, he/she numbs the tooth and nearby tissues using local anesthesia. Then, the expert will put a tiny rubber-like material (dental dam) to separate the infected teeth from other teeth in your mouth.

Stage 2: Removal of Infected Pulp

In this stage, Dr. Cecilia Sorelle will create a hole in the top of the tooth using a dental drill. It will allow the expert to eradicate the infected pulp from the root inside the tooth. Then, he/she will disinfect the pulp chamber and root canal using surgical tools.

The dentist will use antibiotics or antiseptic medicine to make the canal free from future infections. After that, the professional will add the file of different diameters into the hole. It helps the expert assess the tip of the tooth root and eradicate the root canal infection. The expert uses sodium hypochlorite or water to eliminate the remaining bacteria from the mouth.

Stage 3: Filling a New Root and Restoring the Tooth

Now, the professional makes sure the pulp chamber is dry. He/she uses gutta-percha to fill the new tooth root. The expert puts this rubber-like material inside the root canals and heats it later.

After that, the dentist at the dentist office near you compresses it to fit against the walls. Then, the expert seals the filled-out canals using dental adhesive cement. After a few weeks, he/she will eradicate the temporary filling of your tooth. Then, the professional will use a permanent filling over the treated tooth.

How Long Will the Root Canal Last?

As per the American Dental Association of Endodontists, root canal procedures have a success rate of more than 95%. How long the treatment will last depends on different factors.

Great Dental Hygiene

Good aftercare after the treatment also plays a significant role in the durability of the treated tooth. It includes routine dental exams and professional cleanings besides flossing and brushing at least twice a day.

Health and Age

With time, our teeth get brittle and are highly prone to breakage. Also, numerous older patients have systemic conditions that significantly impact their dental health.

Location of the Treated Tooth

Each tooth in our mouth performs a particular function, depending on its location. For example, posterior teeth allow us to withstand the pressure from chewing food. However, interior teeth consist of one root and help to cut things.

Failure of Canal

As per the American Association of Endodontists, root canal therapy can fail due to numerous reasons. They include fracture of the tooth root, breakdown of internal sealant, or dental crown.

The Success of the Treatment

Only an experienced and skilled dentist in Palm Harbor should perform root canal therapy. The success of the treatment typically relies on many factors.

The Severity of Tooth Decay

When tooth decay is too severe, the dentist removes more tooth structure and replaces the affected tooth using dental crowns or composite materials.

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The expert performs root canal therapy when the pulp (which consists of nerves and blood vessels) has become infected or damaged. Just because your tooth recently had a root canal procedure doesn’t mean it is safe. The canaled tooth can still get a cavity. For urgent dental care services, visit the Emergency Dentist Near You as soon as possible.

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