Circumstances Warranting a Visit to Your Dentist for Dental Fillings

Circumstances Warranting a Visit to Your Dentist for Dental Fillings

May 1, 2022

Cavities developing on your teeth because of improper oral hygiene and overindulgence in sugary and starchy foods undoubtedly warrant a visit for dental fillings in Palm Harbor, FL, to prevent the progress of the decay. However, holes in your teeth are not the only reason you might need dental fillings.

If you have developed cavities, the optimal technique to prevent the spread of decay is to visit the dentist near you to receive dental fillings and safeguard your tooth. You might think dental fillings are expensive and uncomfortable because filling a cavity requires drilling and sealing the tooth with a medically safe material to prevent the spread of decay. However, do you understand the consequences of not having the cavity filled?

Many people ignore tooth decay, thinking their tooth will heal itself and the niche needs no attention. Unfortunately, cavities create permanent damage in your tooth, which cannot heal without intervention from a dentist. Therefore whenever you neglect proper dental hygiene and develop holes, you must visit your dentist for dental fillings or the emergency dentist near you for tooth extraction when you develop tooth root infections because you neglected dental fillings.

Types Of Dental Fillings

Presently you can get various types of dental fillings made from materials like metals, silver amalgam, composite resin, ceramic, and glass ionomer. Your dentist recommends the filling material best suited for your teeth after considering the location of the cavity, the extent of the damage, your affordability, and insurance coverage. All filling materials are suitable for your teeth. However, some are not aesthetically pleasing and are better placed on your molars than your front teeth.

The Dental Filling Procedure

The dental filling procedure isn’t as intensive as you imagine, and neither is it uncomfortable. First, Dr. Cecilia Sorelle gives you local anesthesia around the affected tooth before drilling it to remove the decay. After decay removal, the hollow space undergoes cleaning and disinfection for bacteria and debris removal. Finally, the doctor places the filling material you have selected in the tooth and polishes it to complete the filling procedure.

How Long Do Fillings Last?

Dental fillers have a lifespan from five to seven years to over a decade. Metal fillings last longest with silver amalgam or gold fillings remaining on your teeth for 10 to 15 years with proper dental hygiene.

Composite resin dental fillings also help fill minor damages to your teeth from chips and breaks. If you have had minor teeth damages repaired by the cosmetic dentist in Palm Harbor, expect the filler to remain on your teeth for approximately five to seven years.

Glass ionomers also have a lifespan of around five years, while ceramic fillings last longer but are more expensive and eventually need replacements.

There is a misconception among people that dental fillings are only suitable for repairing cavities, which is genuine in many cases. However, new materials like composite resin help dentists restore teeth damaged from accidents, impacts, or injuries to the mouth, causing minor chips and fractures.

Restoring damaged teeth with composite resin fillings is a painless procedure and merely requires a visit to the dentist’s office to have the tooth repaired in a single visit. Therefore while visits to your dentist are essential for filling cavities, your damaged teeth also need repair because if left untreated, your mouth bacteria penetrate the damaged tooth to eventually need fillings within the tooth or extractions because of tooth root infections.

Dental fillers are excellent remedies to restore teeth damaged by tooth decay or injuries. If tooth decay creates permanent damage, injuries permit your mouth bacteria to indulge in similar behavior. Therefore seeking dental fillings from your dental care provider is the optimal technique to safeguard your teeth from further damage. The dental filling procedure is not as painful as you imagine, and the prices of dental fillings are more affordable than the costs of expensive dental treatments you might need if you ignore tooth restoration.

If you are concerned about dental fillings or the procedure to have them, you can prevent tooth decay from developing by practicing excellent oral hygiene and requesting your dentist to provide preventive treatments like fluoride and dental sealants to ensure you don’t develop cavities. You must also invest in a mouthguard and refrain from biting hard foods to prevent minor damages on your teeth that might require a visit to your dentist for dental fillings.

If you have a cavity in your tooth or minor damages on your teeth that need repair, please schedule an appointment with Palm Harbor Smiles to restore your teeth and enjoy a beautiful smile.

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